Parents Association


The Cathedral School Parents Association seeks to build a strong sense of community in ways that actively support the school’s educational mission. Our motto – “Be Involved” – activates that strong sense of community among parents, students, faculty, and administrators. The PA's mission is three-fold:

  • To facilitate open and constructive communication among parents, faculty, and administrators;
  • To host community events that build social bonds and foster trust and dedication among school constituents; and
  • To support the fundraising and other goals set each year by the Head of School and Board of Trustees.
To that end, the PA sponsors educational and fundraising events and acts as a liaison between parents, faculty, and administration in order to foster open, constructive communication. The PA co-presidents also serve as members of The Cathedral School’s Board of Trustees. 

With the exception of Kindergarten, each class has one PA representative (two per grade) who work with teachers to keep parents up-to-date on classroom activities (field trips, class parties, etc.), school-wide events, and any issues affecting the students. Due to the extra support needed in the younger grades, Kindergarten has two PA reps per class. Class reps also help organize parent social and educational events and act as communication links for their class parents to the PA Executive Board and school administration.

To bring our mission to life, the PA hosts and supports many events throughout the year, including:
  • School-wide Picnics on the Cathedral campus
  • Used Uniform Sales and Lost and Found Claims
  • Book Fair and Author Visits (premier events nourishing the mind)
  • Winterfest (our annual school-wide holiday party)
  • Annual Faculty, Administration, and Staff “Thank You” Party and Gifts
  • All-School Ice Skating Party
  • Spring Fair (an annual tradition that features games, face painting, music, rides, karaoke, Second Hand Treasures sale, and our unbeatable bake sale and BBQ)
  • Admissions, Advancement, Educational, and Athletic Events
Volunteer opportunities are numerous (and fun!) and we welcome everyone's participation. Thank you for your support of The Cathedral School.

Kristy Milkov, Parent of Maria '24 and Ella '26
Jamie Becker, Parent of Rae '26
The Cathedral School Parents Association

PA Officers


Kristy Milkov
Jamie Becker

Upper School Vice President
Sandra Guenther Clark

Lower School Vice President
Jennifer Potter

Claudia Vela

Susan Lauher

Ex Officio
Danielle Felczak

PA Class Reps

Amy Brandt, Jessica Hu, Marc Bertrand, and Ashley Bogosian
First Grade
Jill Hecker and Alexa Shore
Second Grade
Rebecca Culley and Eva Levine
Third Grade
Tiombe Bowman and Damaris Maclean
Fourth Grade
Julia Harris and Natasha Kazmi
Fifth Grade
Laura Gould and Jennifer Grossmann
Sixth Grade
Kim Martin-Shah and Jocelyn Thornton 
Seventh Grade
LaShae Ortiz and Angelica Vilela 
Eighth Grade
Maria Alulema and Nicole Souffront
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