Equity & Engagement

At The Cathedral School, we are laying the groundwork for a more equitable and compassionate society where students learn to embrace diversity, challenge bias, and advocate for a more fair and just world.

A defining aspect of a Cathedral's academic experience is the school's Identity Curriculum. Our work is at the forefront of the nation's diversity, equity, and justice work in independent schools. The Lower School focuses on self-discovery and identity development and the intentional building of community. Upper School students explore the meaning of individual and group identity through the study of gender, sexuality, race, personal responsibility, and justice. The children are challenged to examine their own lives, question assumptions, and imagine the future. Student clubs and affinity groups support this curricular work. The service learning component of this curriculum stresses personal responsibility, global citizenship, and activism. We prepare our students to be leaders in a complex world, possessing the personal and intellectual skills to succeed.

This work, along with our Core Values, helps to build a culture of inclusive belonging

Inclusion refers to intentional efforts to create environments where people can express and learn from their differences in safe, creative, and courageous ways.

Belonging involves intentional individual and institutional work to establish a community where people’s dignity is upheld, humanity is celebrated, and authenticity is valued.

A culture of inclusive belonging not only recognizes and appreciates differences (in race, socioeconomic status, cultural or religious tradition, age, gender, ability, and sexual orientation), it involves actively fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and equity, where every individual feels that they are an essential and integral part of the community.

When students experience inclusive belonging, they are more likely to thrive, be engaged, contribute meaningfully to the community, and become ethical leaders.

Chiarna Morton
Director of Equity and Engagement
Above: John Chubb, former President of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), speaks about The Cathedral School's commitment to equity and justice at the 2015 National NAIS Conference. 

A Parent's View

"My wife and I truly value the diversity that The Cathedral School offers. It is so much a part of students becoming citizens of the world, one of the school’s primary goals. It allows them to talk and interact with so many types of people and be so much more comfortable doing so. In the end, I believe it makes them more well-rounded – and happier."

- Brian Kramer, P ’20
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