Cathedral History Week was a virtual celebration of the school’s 119 years, starting with its founding in 1901. Each day of the week was themed, focusing on the many aspects that make our school so unique. 

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Alumni featured throughout the week:

Current Choristers, Angela O. ‘22, Avery P. ‘22, and Max S. ‘22 had the opportunity to interview Richard Wyton ‘70 and David Owen ‘82 and learn about their experience as Choristers!

2020 Head Choristers, Angela G. ‘20, Natalia G. ‘20, and Sasha B. ‘20. talk about the impact of their involvement in the choir.

Leonard Fleisig ‘67 shares what it was like to have the one-and-only Ray Charles lead the choir in a rendition of "Hit the Road Jack!”

Sage V. ‘21 and Lillie C. ‘21 interviewed Karyn Seroussi ‘79, one of the first female students to attend Cathedral School, in honor of Cathedral History Week.

Steve Bargonetti ‘70 speaks about the impact that Cathedral had on him as a young student, and how it paved his path forward into adulthood.

Although Maya Jasinska ‘13 says it’s hard to pick just ONE of her favorite Cathedral memories, she shares about how rewarding it was to play Circe the Sorceress in the 6th Grade Greek Play.

Alumnus Stu Chamberlain ‘56 gives us a full rundown (word for word from a 1955 schedule!) of what daily life was like for students enrolled in the all-boys choir boarding school.

The 2019 8th Grade trip to Boston was filled with history and adventure, but the most memorable part for Stefan Inderbitzin ‘19 was that, “It was a nice opportunity for us to come together as a family.”

Although much has changed since 1901, Cathedral will always be steadfast in its ideals of equity and inclusion. We are proud of where the school has been, where it is now, and where it is going, continuing to foster articulate, confident, responsible citizens of the world. 

About the Cathedral School

The Cathedral School was founded in 1901 as a small, tuition-free boys choir school. The boys selected to reside at the school were provided a “musical and grammar education absolutely free.” Their only expenses were uniforms and books.

While much has changed in the intervening century, the commitment of our alumni has not. Alumni dating as far back as the 1930s call and write the school, visit campus, contribute to the Annual Fund, attend the Absalom Jones Benefit, and much, much more. They represent one of the most loyal groups in education, and their lifelong passion for their alma mater is a moving testament to the lasting effects of our unique K-8 program.

Please contact Mary Jo Rohrer, Special Events and Community Relations Coordinator, if you have any updates or archival material you would like to share. Alumni are encouraged to stay in touch with The Cathedral School by emailing us or submitting an alumni contact form
"I feel very lucky and grateful to have attended Cathedral. It is a school that is deeply invested in the moral and emotional growth of its students as well as in their academic growth. It imbued me with a passion for learning and taught me integrity. The Cathedral community is a very special one; my closest friends to this day are the ones I made there."
-Maya Jasinska '13

"The most important lessons I learned at Cathedral were an appreciation for the world's diversity and a sensitivity to differing perceptions of the truth"
- John Weiler '75

"Cathedral School was an incredible experience for me! I will never forget!"
- John H. Williams, Sr. '82

“I cherish the academic foundation and friends that Cathedral gave me, and I will be forever thankful to the school, the faculty, and the staff.”
- Madeleine Rumely ’99

"Cathedral School was a great four years of my life. Even though I had come in 4th grade and most of the children had been there since kindergarten, we all became closer than ever and I felt like I had a family there."
- Anneliese King '03


Check out the most recent Alumni Newsletter, Connection, from September 2020.

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    • Cameron Leo '16 Speaks at 2020 Absalom Jones Benefit

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