Visual Arts

Visit The Cathedral School at any time, and you will see remarkable, student-created visual art on display. Students take understandable pride in their work, beginning with their introduction to art fundamentals in kindergarten through their explorations of Greek, Egyptian, and medieval art in the Upper School.

Lower School art unleashes student creativity through drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture. Students are exposed to a variety of artists and styles, and corresponding projects develop creative thinking while providing a novel means of communication and self-expression. Each child’s individuality is nourished, fostering confidence and a sense of artistic accomplishment.

The Upper School art program continues the study of familiar skills and concepts covered in Lower School. Skills such as color mixing, clay building, sculpting, drawing from life, and drawing from the imagination and concepts like color theory, proportion, shading, and perspective are all taught to the level of sophistication of each grade. New materials and methods are introduced, such as oil painting, reduction printmaking, calligraphy, silk painting, set design, T-shirt design, embossing, pen-and-ink drawing, crosshatching, and textile design. Assigned projects frequently intersect with the social studies curriculum and art history. Other times, projects relate purely to certain concepts or skills and welcome open interpretation and risk-taking on the part of every student.
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