Leadership Development

Class of 2017: 8th Grade Leadership

Students at Cathedral are encouraged to find their voices early. Leadership development is a core part of our character education program, and Upper School students enjoy special opportunities to build upon their learning. Under the guidance of faculty and staff, the Upper School Student Council, Mission Outreach Committee, and Student Ambassador Program provide students with unparalleled forums for leadership development.

Students can seek elected office in Student Council, which organizes fundraisers and activities like Spirit Week and lobbies for student policy changes. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are eligible to run for the Secretary and Treasurer positions, and eighth graders are eligible to run for President and Vice President.

The Mission Outreach Committee provides a moral compass for the student body by supporting local and global charities through funding and service. Mission Outreach currently partners with Mayan Families, sponsoring three Guatemalan children by paying for their education fees for the year. Other partnerships are chosen by committee members. Reflection is just as important as fundraising to Mission Outreach, as students consider their obligation to become responsible global citizens.

Seventh and Eighth graders share the mission and goals of The Cathedral School with prospective families through the Student Ambassador Program. Students volunteer for this crucial role, which aids the Admission Office in telling The Cathedral School’s story. Student Ambassadors represent our school at Open Houses, receptions, and special events throughout the year.

A Student's View

"The Cathedral School environment develops leadership skills by encouraging students to embrace themselves and giving them the confidence to share their ideas.  Faculty and administrators sincerely listen to students and provide enough support so that those ideas can become a reality with the students taking leadership roles in the process."

- Hank ’15
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