Board of Trustees

The Cathedral School’s Board of Trustees promotes the school’s mission and strategic plan. Members of the Board possess a broad range of experience and interests that advance our school community.
Members of The Cathedral School 2022-2023 Board of Trustees
The Very Reverend Patrick Malloy, Ph.D., Chair and Acting Dean of the Cathedral
Katie Conway, P ’24, ’27, President
David Gray, P '24, Vice President
Martha Escobar, P ’15, ’17, ’20, ’24, Secretary
Nick Bazos, P '26, '28, Treasurer
Erica Corbin, Head of School
Marc Bertrand, P ’29
Bethany Donaphin, '94
Tim Dwyer, PP '17, '19
Carey Flaherty, P ’24, ’27
Thomas Foo, '77
Sandra Frenz, P '24, '28
Noah Greenhill, ’83 P ’20, ’23
Julia Harris, PP ’22, P ’25 (PA Rep)
Noni Thomas López, Head of School, The Gordon School
Damaris Maclean, P ’26, ’28
Kristy Milkov, P ’24, ’26
Lee Morakis, P ’24, ’27
Rachel Posner, P '29
Jennifer Potter, PP '27, '29
Daphne Rubin-Vega, ’99
Alexa Shore, P '24, '28 (PA Rep)
Artiea Smith, PP '22, '24, '28
Brian Smith, PP ’19, P ’23
Lalitha Vasudevan, P ’28

Strategic Plan

The 2017 Strategic Plan provides a comprehensive roadmap to shape the continued growth and success of The Cathedral School. It sets forth broad objectives focused on effectively advancing the school’s Mission Statement and Diversity Statement, as approved by the Board of Trustees. The plan’s success requires an innovative, creative, and diverse community working towards these common goals, with careful consideration of our changing world and our evolving students. With a cutting-edge curriculum and dynamic, inclusive culture, The Cathedral School is uniquely poised to excel as the world around us continues to change.
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