1st Grade Explores Courage with help from the Upper School

This past Friday, 1st grade students teamed up with their 5th grade peers for their first Character Education lesson. The focus for this lesson was Cathedral’s Core Value, Courage. Fifth grade students began the lesson with a reading of Courage by Bernard Waber, which highlighted the many small things people do each day that exemplify courage. After the book, 5th graders asked the 1st graders several questions about courage like, “When do you need courage at school?” or, “When do you need courage at home?” and, “Why is it important to show courage?” First grade students had some great answers which included performing at Assembly, asking a teacher to help, and learning how to roller skate.
After the initial reading and Q&A session, the students broke off into smaller groups. First grade students worked with a 5th grade buddy to complete an activity where they wrote and drew about a time when they felt they were showing courage. Our 5th graders did a great job supporting their younger peers as they worked through the activity, and 1st graders were thrilled to team up with their older counterparts. View photos of the lesson in the right-hand column.
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