Hour of Code at Cathedral

In celebration of Computer Science in Education Week, all students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade participated in the global Hour of Code challenge. Upper School students spent time during Advisory and Elective periods completing coding challenges from creating animations and webpages to game design and beginner JavaScript. Lower School students completed challenges during Library/Tech class with Ms. Roberts, Ms. Solis, and Ms. Lavin-Kurzyna. Using the Kodable app, our youngest learners began to sequence code programs on the iPad while 3rd and 4th grade students used their laptops to complete game design projects like their own Space Invader or Super Mario game. Great job to all students on their hard work in completing the challenges! Congratulations to Upper School raffle winners Avi S. ‘24 and Silas M. ‘26 and Lower School raffle winners Brakeley T. ‘30 and Karen L. ‘29.
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