STEAM Programs

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is an organic part of the daily academic curriculum at The Cathedral School. Using the National Science Standards as a guide, Lower School students develop STEAM skills through collaborative learning. In the Upper School, they use those skills as a framework to explore increasingly complex, high-level projects. Students pursue projects across a variety of disciplines, including coding, woodworking, digital arts, and robotics. The Cathedral School’s STEAM curriculum builds a foundation of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration that will serve our students well beyond the walls of the classroom.

3rd Grade: "Simple Machines"

In the fall, Cathedral 3rd graders break down a compound machine— in this case, a bicycle—into its simple machine counterparts. Using scientific observation, the students explore what constitutes a machine; then, using art, they draw a schematic picture and label the parts that make up the whole.

5th Grade: "Artifact Project"

An essential question of 5th grade social studies is, “How do objects define us?” In the multifaceted, interdisciplinary Artifact Project, students look at objects that define them in their own lives before expanding that concept to objects that have defined cultures throughout history, either from necessity or cultural expression. As they come to the end of their research, students construct Joseph Cornell-style shadow boxes to place the object and other related materials in their proper context.
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