All Saints’ All Souls’ Evensong

Last Thursday, the Cathedral community gathered in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for our annual All Saints’ All Souls’ Evensong. This evensong honors the Christian celebration of All Saints’ and All Souls’ days.

The event featured music and art from Cathedral students. The Choristers performed and Ms. Mannarino led a performance of On Halloween, sung by the 1st Grade and accompanied by students in 3J on percussion instruments. While singing, 1st graders held Calaca Dolls which they made under the guidance of Ms. Valentine. These dolls were made in celebration of a person or animal and influenced by the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Lower School students also created monoprints in the form of flowers and radial designs that could be seen displayed at the front of the evensong.

At the end of the service, the Scroll of Remembrance, which contains the names of deceased loved ones and pets that have been written by our community, was unrolled. Thank you to everyone who attended! And thank you to Chaplain Williams for his work putting together this special event.
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