7th Grade Performs Romeo and Juliet with bell hooks

Seventh graders performed Romeo & Juliet with bell hooks last Wednesday in Synod Hall. The entire School came to the viewing as well as families in what was a spectacular performance. In addition, each student had their headshot displayed for the audience to view as they arrived and the program included notes about what William Shakespeare was trying to accomplish and convey with the play. The performance was a part of a unit involving William Shakespeare and bell hooks in Mr. Harrison’s English class. 

It was an adaptation of the traditional Romeo and Juliet story with a few surprises along the way including some musical numbers. Mr. Collazo and his students created raps to help younger students follow the story and picked pop songs to perform. The art featured in the performance came under the direction of Mr. Delacey, including the masks worn during the ballroom scene that were inspired by Venetian and Mardi Gras styles.

The full performance can be viewed here and photos from the play can be found in the right-hand column.
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