4th Graders Present Animal Study Projects

Students in the 4th Grade shared their Animal Study Project with parents in the Morningside Room on Tuesday, April 4. The project began on the grounds of The Close as students went out onto the Pulpit Green and studied the ecosystems that existed there. After spending time on the Green they chose an animal they observed and began to do a more in-depth study on it.
Students were divided into groups of three or four and collaborated on these animal studies. They researched habitat, appearance, food chain, life cycle, behavior, and even learned how to classify the animal. Once they compiled all of this information they created a digital book that they worked as a group to design and put together. After that, they worked with Mr. Delacey in art class to create clay models of the animals they studied. The goal was to take all of the information they gathered and use it to create a model that was as scientifically accurate as possible. The result was a wonderful representation of the observations and work of the students throughout the project.
It was a project that crossed many different curriculums and disciplines as students used their skills in both science and art and even put their interpersonal skills to work as they had to collaborate in groups to create a final design for their books. “We have science, math, art, design, and digital technology, and we have skills like communication because (students) had to collaborate and problem solve,” said Ms. Zapreva, who coordinated the project. Students were excited to share all they had learned in their presentations last week, and photos can be viewed in the right-hand column.
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