Cathedral Celebrates Holi

On Wednesday, March 15, we had our first-ever Holi celebration! Holi is a Hindu Festival that is celebrated in India. Holi is the festival of colors, and it began as a ceremony that was meant to provide good luck to women on their wedding day. It has changed after hundreds of years and has become a celebration of good where individuals throw colors into the air that are symbols of the good in their lives. Lyla S. ‘26, Nilla T. ‘26, and Will M. ‘26, 5th graders from the Asian affinity group, shared a presentation about Holi which explained its origin and other interesting facts. They explained that Holi is a Hindu festival, but is celebrated by other religions in India and in Nepal as well. The entire presentation can be found here
After that, everyone went outside to have their own festival of color. One of our newest community members, our new CFO Mr. Nagpal joined and he partnered with Shray S. ‘24 to throw the first powder. Each colored powder has its own meaning. Red symbolizes love, green is for nature, yellow for happiness, pink for youth and health, and blue for Krishna, the god of love and protection. Everyone who attended had a great time celebrating and left with the white t-shirts covered in an assortment of colored powders.
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