6th Grade Shark Tank Competition

Students in 6th grade spent the second trimester reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. It’s a story about a girl named Melody with cerebral palsy who does not want to be defined by her disability and, with the help of assistive technology, finds her inner strength and courage. 
Using Melody’s story as inspiration, students were tasked with creating new devices that could solve a problem that individuals with disabilities may face. They used the engineering design process and Universal Design to innovate these devices and had guidance from Ms. Solis and Ms. Zapreva along the way. Once the prototypes were ready, 6th graders presented to a panel of judges in the morning side room with a Shark Tank-style business pitch. Some of the products included an electronic “ENE Walker” for the visually-impaired, a vest to help those with sensory processing disorder, and more.
The experienced panel of judges had the opportunity to ask students about their products after their presentations, and students were able to give more information about their product research and development for added context. Thank you to Ms. Goco, Ms. Zapreva, Ms. Solis, and the amazing panel of judges for all of their hard work! View photos of the presentations in the right-hand column.
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