Caribbean Day Lunch at Cathedral

On Friday, February 24, Chef Whittle and the food service team put together an amazing spread of Caribbean cuisine for students, faculty, and staff to share. The meal was delicious and featured curried chicken, Caribbean cocktail patties, and sliced sweet plantains among other amazing dishes. The lunch also highlighted the ever-present sense of community at Cathedral, as faculty and staff had the opportunity to serve students and their colleagues as they moved through the line at lunch and decided what wonderful entrees and sides they wanted to enjoy. As Ms. Corbin always says, the most successful way to bring people together is to promise them a delicious snack, or meal in this case.

The Caribbean lunch was an idea that Chef Whittle had hoped to bring to fruition for some time. It was a wonderful display of Caribbean culture and was a great addition to the conversations that were had in Upper School assembly on Friday that were centered around Black History Month. Thank you to Chef Whittle and the food services team for the incredible meal and for bringing us all together.
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