Cathedral Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Paper Hearts

For the second-straight year, the front hallway of The School was adorned with hearts for Valentine’s Day. There was a heart for every member of the Cathedral community. Students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to remove their heart from the wall once they found their name. Head of School Erica Corbin explained that she hoped the hearts would serve as a reminder that “Cathedral is a place where you are known, where you are seen, and where you are loved.”
Ms. Corbin brings the tradition from when she was a student herself in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her high school made more than 2,000 hearts for every community member, and she has fond memories of finding her name on the wall, even keeping all four of her high school hearts!  This year, she made the hearts a group collaboration with the Core Values Club, faculty, and staff. Ms. Corbin worked with the club during lunch last week to explain her vision for the project and help cut out hearts with the members. It was a wonderful exercise in cooperation between students, staff, and faculty to bring an idea to fruition.
Students were excited to search for their names throughout the day as they looked for their heart to bring home with them, and they were even able to locate the hearts of other people they knew. When asked if they were able to find their heart, Dorian T-B ‘29 said, “Yes! I found mine when I came in today, and I found Ms. Corbin’s too.” Other students reiterated the same sentiment as they walked up and down the hallway and recognized the names of friends and teachers along the way. A sense of care and kindness was in the air as the students shared the experience with one another. View photos of the project in the right-hand project.
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