2nd Graders Expand Their Knowledge of Trees

Students in 2nd Grade worked with Ms. Deja Williams to complete an extensive study of trees and become experts in their knowledge of trees from the roots to the tips of the leaf, including the structure and function of each part of a tree. These students also examined the biological, physical, and chemical processes that occur within each tree. Their learning process included a series of experiments to extract pigments from leaves and observe chlorophyll, dissect flowers to examine reproductive organs, and view the cross sections of a tree trunk under a microscope. To conclude their studies, 2nd Graders created two life-sized posters of the Paper Birch and the Sugar Maple, complete with trivia questions that can be answered with the use of a QR Code! Both posters were hung for the rest of the Cathedral Community to view and challenge their own knowledge of trees and their many functions and processes. Stop by the 1st floor corridor to enjoy these beautiful installations, and view photos of the posters in the right-hand column.
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