6th Grade Ghost Shoe Project

Students in Ms. Goco’s English class read the novel Ghost by Jason Reynolds, which is about four kids from vastly different backgrounds who are all chosen to compete on an elite middle school track team. In Ghost, running shoes play an important role, and the novel explores the relationship that socioeconomic status, ability, and family have on the main characters, as embodied by their shoes. After reading and discussing the novel, Cathedral students had the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of these complex relationships by creating shoes in Mr. Delacey’s art class in a cross-curricular exercise. They chose a character and selected a quote that specified a specific trait that this character had. From there, students were tasked with designing and creating a 3D model of a shoe that represented their character. A complete explanation of the project can be found here, and photos of the art and student presentations can be viewed in the right-hand column.
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