Book Fair Has Begun!

With this evening’s Book Fair Cocktail Party in-progress, the Book Fair has begun in-earnest!

Our classes have been joined by incredible authors over these last few weeks, including:
  • Kindergarten: Sharnette Donacien-Okias (Cathedral parent and author of Ada’s Wash Day) 
  • 1st: Susie Jarmillo (author of the Skeletina series) 
  • 2nd:Robin Newman (Cathedral parent of alumni and author of No Peacocks! and Don’t Call Me Fuzzybutt!) 
  • 3rd and 4th:Karina Yan Glaser (author of The Vanderbeekers series) 
  • 5th and 6th: Lindsey Stoddard (author of The Real Deal) 
  • 8th: Brendan Kiely (co-author of All American Boys)

We even welcomed a Cathedral parent author this year! Sharnette Donacien-Okias visited kindergarten today and gave an engaging presentation about her book Ada’s Wash Day—about her daughter, Adalia, who is in 4J! “I had a great time with the kindergartners. They made fantastic observations, especially about the cover of the book,” she said. The book communicates the Sunday morning hair ritual between a mother and daughter and is about learning to accept oneself the way they are.

Donacien-Okias was impressed with the response she received from the kindergarteners. “I was particularly taken by one of the students who, in response to a portion of the book in which Ada experiences some bullying from peers, said, ‘We shouldn’t force identities onto other people.’ Well said!”   

We are so grateful to the many authors who have visited the School and so generously shared their stories and expertise. For the next two days, students will visit the Book Fair in Cathedral House and expand their voracity for reading.
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