A Day of Social Justice

On Friday, the Upper School participated in a division-wide Day of Social Justice. The event brought students together across grade levels as a complement to the work they undertake in their grade-level Equity and Justice classes. Two thought-provoking videos became the backdrop for discussions throughout the day—artist Alok Vaid-Menon on Learning to Love Who They Are, and Loretta J. Ross on creating a “call in/on” culture rather than a call out/cancel culture.
Throughout the day, students journaled, created art, discussed issues of identity, shared insights, and participated in team-building exercises. "I really enjoyed hearing the younger student’s points of view about social justice issues. It helped me understand some issues in a new way," said Nick B. ‘22. “The Day of Social Justice was an opportunity for students to use all the things they have learned throughout the year to ask and answer questions, to journal, and to imagine what the world would feel like if we didn’t edit ourselves, if we approached hatred with love, if we partnered better in understanding, and if we asked questions before making assumptions,” concluded Head of Upper School, Dr. Worokya Duncan. 
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