New Upper School Buddy Program

Along with the academic development of our students, leadership development and social-emotional health are high priorities at Cathedral. Beginning last week, Upper School students were given yet another resource to foster both areas of growth. In addition to their homerooms, advisory groups, mindfulness and movement exercises, Upper School Identity Program, and access to an Upper School Psychologist, students in 5th and 6th grade now have the ability to opt into a Buddy Program. 

With the permission of their parents, students sign up for the program. Then they are matched with a carefully selected 7th or 8th grade buddy. The older buddy is chosen by the Associate Head of Upper School, in consultation with other faculty in the Upper School including the Upper School Deans and Advisors.

7th and 8th grade mentors began supporting their 5th and 6th grade buddies for the first time last week during EXCEL. They’ll continue to meet throughout the school year and cover a broad range of topics such as completing school assignments, making social adjustments, and navigating Upper School life. The program will expand by Spring Break as more 7th and 8th graders volunteer to serve as buddies. In addition to the academic and social support the younger students receive, the older students are honing their leadership skills, serving as role models, and representing all of Cathedral’s Core Values. See photos in the album in the right hand column.
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