Learning the Art of Persuasion

3rd grade students have been learning about the various techniques of persuasion—everything from letter and speech writing to marching and petitioning. They have also been learning about the debate over alternative names for Columbus Day such as “Indigenous People’s Day.” Just before Winter Break, they composed their own persuasive arguments on the matter to present to their classmates, as well as Head of School, Erica Corbin.

During her visit to the 3rd grade classes, Ms. Corbin listened to their pleas and also exchanged ideas with students about steps that the School could take to honor indigenous people. Student suggestions included convening an All-School Assembly on the topic of indigenous culture, or perhaps switching the holiday from a full day off to a half-day off, during which all students and teachers would spend time learning about the more complicated history of Columbus and his encounter with the Taínos. Ms. Corbin has promised to check in further with the 3rd grade about future plans as the New Year unfolds. See photos of Ms. Corbin’s visit in the album in the right hand column.
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