Color, Creativity, and Collaboration in the Art Program

As we mentioned in last week’s Peacock Post, students are thrilled to be back in spaces dedicated to specific disciplines–such as the Upper School and Lower School art rooms. The whole school has been taking advantage of these wonderful studio spaces. 4th through 8th grade embarked on illustrating eyes with hopes for the future, and Lower School students embarked on collaborative painting projects. See photo albums of each Lower School grade at work in the right-hand column.

Kindergarteners began the year by reading Harold and the Purple Crayon books, talking about characteristics of line, and making expressive line drawings that they called, “Take a Line for a Walk.” They were also excited to incorporate watercolor paint on top of their line sketches. They followed up with paper sculptures of “Line Playgrounds” with folded paper.

1st grade learned about various directions and movements of line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) and worked in groups of two with bingo daubers to draw on paper. They added color to their collaborative designs with texture rubbings in crayon and oil pastel.

2nd grade began two and three-person collaborative paintings with tempera paint. They are revisiting a study of the color wheel–and learning about tints and shades.

3rd graders collaborated on 24" x 8” sheets of paper using Sumi ink. They were encouraged to explore and experiment with creating different types of lines and patterns with a brush. They also spent one class sketching tree branches from observation–practicing their observational skills for upcoming drawing projects this fall.

The art program continues to flourish with these dedicated studio spaces and ample room for in-person collaboration and creativity. It is so nice to see these rooms alive with color, creativity, and collaboration.
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