Earth Day Commemorations

Since 1970, Earth Day has been commemorated on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Last Thursday, Upper School students participated in a special Earth Day assembly to honor the occasion. Students acknowledged both the challenges that face our world and environment as well as the opportunities that exist through invention and ingenuity to make the world a better place. Among student concerns were global warming, plastic in the ocean, animal extinctions, chemicals in the air, the loss of rainforest habitat, and other environmental issues. They also shared their hopes and ideas regarding what they would invent to solve an environmental problem and how it might work. 

The Earth Day assembly ended on an optimistic note for the future with a video entitled “22 Inventions that are Saving the World”. These inventions include edible water blobs, edible cutlery, edible food packaging, toothpaste pills, plastic-free shampoo pods, micro solar panels, ingenious power-generating turbines, and a floating wastebasket that can roam the sea removing garbage.

Also in celebration of Earth Day, Kindergarten students spent the week talking about ways to take care of our Earth every day. Students discussed that we need to recycle, compost, plant trees, walk instead of taking a car, and pick up trash in order to keep a happy and healthy planet. 

Watch “22 Inventions that are Saving the World
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