Celebrating Seder

One of Cathedral’s most beloved traditions is the celebration of Passover Seder. On Thursday and Friday of last week, in separate virtual sessions, Upper and Lower School students came together in song, learning, and reflection. Cantor Laura Stein led us once again in both celebrations and in guiding us through the Seder meal. 

Lower School Seder featured some courageous student and teacher volunteers who recorded themselves singing the Four Questions. The 4th Grade also contributed artwork to illustrate the ten plagues of Egypt. Our newest teachers made us laugh as they desperately searched the Cathedral Close to find the Afikomen.
Upper School Seder was also wonderfully presented as students learned about the trials, tribulations, and victories of the Jewish people and their exodus out of Egypt. Student readers from 5th to 8th Grade contributed to the celebration and there was time for a question and answer session with Cantor Stein after the Haggadah.
Our thanks to Cantor Stein, Chaplain Gore, Ms. Mannarino for her wonderful music and accompaniment, Lower and Upper School Heads Ms. Higgins and Ms. Duncan, Ms. Baker, Mr. Benedik, and all the students, faculty, staff, and parents who participated.
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