Let's Put the Play Back in Snow Day

Students learning persuasive writing from 5th Grade teachers and deans had a victory worthy of noting in this Wall Street Journal article yesterday. When they caught news of the impending snowstorm earlier in the week, they wrote Head of School Marsha Nelson a series of impassioned pleas.

Ms. Nelson was surprised to receive a flurry—no pun intended—of short essays from these students on Tuesday morning, each building their own case for a traditional snow day on Thursday. Excerpts from these pleas include: a snow day would be good for my mental health; with everything that has happened from COVID to virtual learning, having a snow day would relieve stress and relax our minds; I haven't seen snow in such a long time; all my sisters want is to go sledding, and I want to make their dreams come true; it doesn't snow much in NYC anymore, and we would love a full day to enjoy it; a snow day would bring back normal times.

The Cathedral School has always promoted self-advocacy, equity, and inclusion and strives to educate "
Articulate, Confident, Responsible Citizens of the World," so it's no surprise these students are at the vanguard of the "Traditional Snow Day" movement.

Ms. Nelson was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal after she announced Tuesday evening that students would indeed be offered the chance to put the "play" back in snow day! The student advocacy was a success.

“So many revered traditions and experiences have been taken away from children. To have a traditional snow day where they can go outside and play in the fresh air, and just be unencumbered by any of the heaviness of this year, will be a delight,” said Ms. Nelson in the WSJ article.

View a photo album of Cathedral students enjoying the snow and of the snow-covered Close.

Submit your snow day photos to advancement@cathedralnyc.org.

Watch the snow day video tour of the Cathedral Close Ms. Nelson made for students.
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