Chanukah Evensong

Last Friday afternoon, the Cathedral Community virtually celebrated the upcoming start of Chanukah on December 10. Honoring Chanukah, also known as The Festival of Lights, has been a long-standing tradition at Cathedral School. Our thanks go out to the Jewish Affinity Group and its faculty leaders, Ms. Choudhry and Ms. Sarasohn, as well as all the student readers and singers including: Rachel B. ‘21, Bennett H. ‘21, Rebecca K. ‘21, Jesse P. ‘21, Lily K. ’23, Jonah Z. ‘23, Gabrielle B. ‘24, Clara G. ‘24, Lindsay H. ‘24, Olivia M. ‘24, and Rae B. ‘26. Thanks also to Mr. Collazo, Ms. Mannarino, and the 3rd and 4th Grade musicians who performed a musical offering. Rabbi Dr. Robyn Tsesarsky offered the homily, sharing this about the upcoming festival, ”On an ordinary day, most of us are caring, and helpful, and try to do our best. But now we get to be our wonderful selves in an out of the ordinary way. How do you do this? By stopping to notice; by stopping to look at what is happening around you; and shining your light on someone else.”

Ms. Choudhry then led students in the lighting of a digital Menorah and stated, “The digital Menorah is just one of the many ways in which we Jews adapt to our circumstances.” Thanks to our virtual candle lighters, Lily K. ‘23, Eli W. ‘29, Max L. ‘28, Claire M. ‘27, Ben H. ‘26, Jonah B. ‘25, Lindsay H. ‘24, Jonah Z. ‘23, and Clara G. ‘24.

Watch the entire Chanukah Evensong here, including a wonderful performance by Ms. Mannarino featuring artwork entitled “Interpretations of Light” created by 2nd Grade students, led by Ms. Valentine. A major thank you to Chaplain Gore for her leadership and attention to embracing all faiths represented by Cathedral families. You can view the program bulletin here.
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