8th Grade Capstone Project

Each year, 8th grade World Language students wrap up their studies with a Capstone Project, an opportunity to celebrate not only their linguistic accomplishments, but also a personal interest or hobby. This year, these projects were compiled in a virtual gallery of 8th Grade Capstone Passion Projects, which can be accessed by clicking the link. 
Gabby H. did her Capstone Project in Mme. Anagnostopoulou's French Class on drawing. She shares, "I really enjoyed working on the project and getting to share my passion with everyone. I chose drawing because ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in expressing my creativity and imagination on paper. It’s a fun hobby and time-consuming, but it’s worth it because I can be proud of my work. I was also able to share the french influence many French artists have made in the drawing community. I liked that I got to mention famous pieces, such as the Matisses paintings because its inspiring to see and really shows how different and skilled the french artists are."

Natalia G. did her Capstone Project in Sra. Lora's Spanish Class on Latin
American food. She shares, "I chose this as my project since Latin American food is a big part of our culture, and I wanted to share it here." Natalia enjoyed being able to share about her passion in Spanish.
Calum U. did his Capstone Project in Sra. Callender's Spanish Class on soccer. He says, "I had fun doing the project. I enjoyed being able to link my Spanish studies to my favorite passion, which is 
The Capstone Projects are a unique opportunity for 8th graders to demonstrate Passion for Learning and celebrate their interests in a different language. They have worked hard to blend their interests with a love of language, and we are proud of their creativity and dedication. Thank you, 8th grade!
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