8th Grade Celebration!

Last Friday, Upper School students joined faculty, staff, and 8th graders and their families for the traditional 8th Grade Celebration. Organized and planned entirely by the 8th graders, this event exemplifies the spirit and support of the community, even in this virtual climate. The program began with a recording of "Shadowland" from the Lion King, sung by Angela G. '20, who is also a head chorister. Faculty members then spoke fondly of each student in their advisory, sharing stories and memories of their time together at Cathedral. Miranda E., Lara A., Annabelle G., Susannah Z., Ben L., and Natalia G. spoke about different inside jokes and memories shared by their class using the alphabet, with each letter being a different quote or tidbit. Photo montages of each student, that included baby photos, tugged at everyone's heart strings. Davey B. spoke about all of his classmates one by one, stating something he learned from them or remember about them. The celebration ended with several photos of the 8th graders throughout their years at Cathedral.

Although this highly anticipated event has never been done virtually, the charisma and enthusiasm of each student filled the Zoom and we could feel the energy of our eldest students. Their leadership in organizing the event was empowering to other members of Upper School present, and we are proud of their accomplishments! Click here to view more photos.
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