Classes of 2019 and 2020 Mentor Cathedral students

Although distance learning will continue for the rest of the semester, 8th graders are anticipating high school and in the Fall and ready to embark on a new journey. To help them, and the rising 8th grade class, feel comfortable and confident from afar, Ms. Berney and Mr. Koo from the High School Counseling Office coordinated two virtual mentoring sessions for the students.

They began each meeting with a few prompts, but the students present really took over the conversations. The first was a 7th-8th grade transition meeting, led by 8th graders Sasha B., Davey B., Cece C., Natalia G., Addy T., and Calum U. Three alumni also joined and helped lead the conversation. They were from the class of 2019: Zoe Brown, Caroline Peyser, and Sophia Wyse. Both the 8th graders and 9th graders spoke about topics such as what types of schools they applied to (private, boarding, diocesan, public), and what the application process was like for them. They shared what they enjoyed about it and what stressed them out, followed by advice on how to deal with the stress and tackle the process firsthand. The session ended with them opening it up for questions from 7th graders. Click here to view photos from the session.
The next meeting was 8th-9th grade high school transition. The alumni who joined from the class of 2019 were Lili di Florio, Aurora Gatch, Maxi Glanz, Tobias Heller, Hara Schwartz, Cristina Toro. Each alum spoke about their experiences with starting at a new school and how they got involved in this new community and made new friends, all while staying connected to their Cathedral classmates. Additionally, they shared advice for 8th graders and divided into breakout rooms so they could ask them questions. Click here to view photos from this session.

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It is wonderful to see both the current 8th graders, and our 2019 alumni, step up and look out for each other during this unusual time. 
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