8th Grade Interprets Logos of Unethical Business

In Mr. Delacey's 8th grade art class, students interpreted logos of comanies that currently exhibit, or have in the past, unethical practices and procedures when creating their products. The students were encouraged to research these businesses and make their own designs based on the existing advertising that address a social or political issue. Mr. Delacey used the example of Nike, who had been using child labor to produce its product. His explanation for how to do the assignment is available here. The purpose of the project is to encourage students to do research and find a quote that deals with issues of sustainability, then create an image to make a statement. 
He challenged them to take the shape of each letter in the logo and use the shapes to write a different word.
Calum U. '20 created this drawing of the Nestle logo. After researching the company, he found that Nestle uses unsustainable palm oil in various food products. Calum shares, "The idea came to me when I was thinking about the logo and the name and how to obtain the palm oil you had to harvest the oil from trees, which is where birds build their nests." He pointed out that the Nestle name and logo is ironic.
(second example coming soon).

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