Cathedral Siblings Support Each Other: Cooperation in Action

Cathedral School siblings have stepped up during the pandemic to support their younger brothers and sisters. Addy T. '20 noticed that her sister, Kyla T. '23, needed some help with her PE assignment from Mr. Pfeifer to create a workout to share with the 5th grade class. Addy said, "I noticed Kyla was struggling with the workout so I came to her rescue. It was nice to be able to do a school project with my little sister." Kyla was grateful for her older sister's help, commenting, "It was fun making the video with Addy because she helped me organize the workout, pick the music, and we had a good time together." Click here to view the workout!

Cy S. '28 is lucky to have two older brothers who have assisted him with distance learning over the past two weeks. Luke S. '24 did yoga with Cy, showing him how to stretch his arm down to his 
foot, working on his wellness. Nathan S. '22 read one of Cy's favorite books with 
him, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Nathan commented, "I'm enjoying helping Cy pick books that interest him and spending time reading together." Nathan used his finger to guide the words as his brother read back to him. Cy's reflected on having his siblings' support, "I like having my big brothers around to help me on my class work."
Nelle F. '24 and her brother, Buddy F. '26, built forts out of branches and moss in the woods near their house. They said the best part was working together. Nelle shared, “The project was hard, because a storm caused one to fall over and we had to rebuild it, but we worked to get it done.”

These siblings have displayed a great deal of cooperation with each other, which is one of Cathedral's seven core values. They show us how working together to accomplish something is easier when you have someone to support you! Check out more photo submissions in the albums on the right hand side. If you have any photos or stories to share, please email them to
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