4J Spanish Creates "La Escuela" or The School

Submitted by Ms. Zimmerman
For the past four years, 4J Spanish has done a unit on school, or "la escuela." 4th graders learn about the many aspects of school, including the names of materials commonly found in the classroom. This project gives them an opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture and language.
As part of their project, each student is asked to build something that reflects what they’ve learned. This could take the form of a replica of an entire school building, a classroom, or even objects found in a classroom. They have two months to complete the project and they are responsible for making a plan and executing it. This is an opportunity not only to work on their language skills, but also to awaken their creative selves!
Students bring in their projects, and adults and other classes are invited to visit and hear them present on their work. By the end of the unit, 4J is equipped to speak about their school and all it encompasses in Spanish! Ms. Zimmerman says, "They love to share their ideas and final product with their peers and others. It has been a big success!" Check out more photos in the album to the right.
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