A Note from Dr. Duncan

Photo taken by Jenni Bounds

Hello All!

We have been abuzz here at The Cathedral School. Equity and Justice classes have tackled the foundations of the Declaration of Human Rights, why it was necessary to pen such a document, and the ways in which, unfortunately, our world does not affirm the humanity of all. The 6th grade is in the process of drawing their own neighborhoods, and seeing how the physical composition of their neighborhoods affects its citizens. 5th-graders learned valuable lessons about the United Nations, its founding, its objectives, its limitations, and its inconsistencies as it relates to supporting human rights. Their questions and insights have been valuable.

Last Friday brought the highly anticipated annual Kindergarten Halloween Parade. It is a time of joy and community, as the kindergarteners had the opportunity to leave their classrooms and showcase their costumes to the rest of the school. As we are a school that lives a mission of inclusion, respect, and understanding, we saw that the costumes worn aligned with Cathedral's mission. Cultural attire is often appropriated for use in Halloween costumes, and Cathedral is proud to teach children that culture is not something to be placed on and taken off. I am heartened by these choices and how they reflect our community.

Finally, please remember the Young Womxn of Strength Conference is taking place at Brooklyn Friends on November 9th. It is for all 6th-8th graders who identify as female. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll register your child.

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