Convocation Opens the School Year

Filled with excitement and anticipation, the Cathedral community gathered in St. John the Divine this past Thursday for a special all-school Convocation to open the 2018-2019 academic year. Kindergartners processed with 8th graders; Choristers welcomed new members; and Marsha Nelson, Head of School, addressed students, faculty, and families: "Like the chapters of a book, each new school year represents both a continuation of the work that has come before and a fresh start, a new beginning, a new opportunity to delve deeply into questions that challenge and inspire our imaginations. Just as we can’t wait to dive back into a favorite story and spend time with our favorite characters, so too is a new school year a wonderful time to return to familiar places with dear friends and colleagues." Ms. Nelson also spoke about the eagerly anticipated Expansion Project set to open later this school year, saying that despite its numerous transformative effects, the school will remain rooted in its core values. Readings from US students and Chaplain Welch closed the ceremony. For a complete transcript of Ms. Nelson's speech, click here.
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