Expansion Project Summary and Schedule Milestones


The Cathedral School is in the process of building a new 7,880 square foot addition on the south end of the existing school building. The addition will have three levels. The basement will conceal all of the mechanical equipment and provide badly needed storage space. The terrace (ground) level will include a new 2,700 square foot Library and Media Center. The first floor will include an additional dining/meeting/assembly space and a new Admissions suite. The addition will have an elevator that will provide access to all three levels. Construction of the addition is expected to take approximately 18 months, weather permitting, and be completed during the Spring of 2019.
Interior Renovations 

During the summer of 2017, renovations to the first floor of the school have resulted in two new seminar/conference rooms, a new and relocated reception area, and three new restrooms. The southwest staircase that services all four levels of the existing school building has been enlarged to nearly twice its size.  Two ramps have been installed on the front terrace to make the first floor of the school building accessible. On the terrace level, a new faculty work room has been built and the nurse's office has been renovated.
During the summer of 2018, the maker-space annex was built, the library space (moving to the media center) was re-purposed so that the fifth grade classrooms could be relocated and renovated.  A second eighth grade homeroom, two new learning centers, and a new High School Counseling/Inclusion Office was built.

During the fall and winter of 2018/2019, the building addition will be completed and a certificate of occupancy (C of O)will be secured.  After receipt of the C of O, school personnel will move books, furniture, supplies, and equipment into the space to prepare for the grand opening. 

Site Work around the new addition will include newly graded roadways to improve drainage, an improved drop-off and pick-up area, and a grass gathering area. Landscaping will be improved and all trees removed as part of the excavation will be replaced.

Expansion Project Renderings

Addition Cam - Updated 11/5/18

Excavation Cam

Summer 2017 Completed Construction (Selected Photos)

Summer 2018 Completed Construction (Selected Photos)

Progress Update

November 12, 2018 - update

Planned work for the coming weeks
    • Installation of the exterior stone 
    • Flashing and waterproofing
    • Interior fit-out

Completed work

Excavation and site work
  • Excavation and shoring for the building addition is complete.
  • All five new catch basins have been installed. 
  • The water detention system is complete.
  • All site grading is complete including creating sufficient craters in the bedrock to support planting trees.
  • All curbs, sidewalks, and roadways have been completed. ( final paving pending)
Building Addition
  • The building shell and roof are complete.  The exterior stone facade will be installed in the fall.
  • The terrace level arched windows and limestone arches have been installed.
  • The elevator machine room and elevator are complete.
  • All mechanical equipment (HVAC, electrical, plumbing)  in the basement has been installed. 
  • All rough plumbing and electric are complete.
  • All interior framing is complete.

All renovations to the existing school building planned for the summer 2017 and  2018 phases have been completed.
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