Creative Earth Science Projects

With project-based learning, students can demonstrate their understanding of a concept while having the opportunity to build, invent, and create. 6th Graders at Cathedral did just that with their Creative Earth Science Projects–showing off their grasp of scientific concepts such as plate tectonics, earthquakes, glaciers, and fossilization. 
Students intentionally incorporated environmental themes into some of their work to highlight current events and emphasize that changes to our planet are ongoing. Projects included cities that float in response to changing coastlines and rising sea levels; cities on springs that bounce during earthquakes but do not crumble; puzzles that illustrate the theory of plate tectonics; and pop-up books that explain how fossils form. Student projects illustrated that science benefits from a range of talents–including writers, illustrators, model-makers, engineers, and graphic designers—who can all work together to bring science to life. One requirement of the endeavor: each project had to have at least one moving part. 
When students brought their projects to school, they shared their work, impressing each other with their creativity and ingenuity.
This video highlights one particular project and offers an overview of the results. You can also view a photo album of all the projects in the column to the right.
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