Day of Social Justice Examines School's Dress Code

Last Wednesday, the Upper School held its annual Day of Social Justice and Model Congress. Students were tasked with revising the school's dress code policies to better reflect its mission and diversity statements while participating in a simulation of the country’s legislative process. Students in the “Senate” reviewed the code for uniform days, while the “House” focused on non-uniform days. Faculty members facilated discourse and guided the student-driven process. Starting in various House and Senate committees, students discussed ways to modify the dress code before coming together to vote on the most popular ideas in a joint session of "Congress." Proposals included eliminating gendered and culturally biased language in the dress code, evaluating vendor options for sustainability, and equitable enforcement of the existing code for all students. The proposed changes were presented to Head of School Marsha Nelson, who pledged to review them with her administrative team. Overall, the day was one of successful collaboration and thoughtful reflection between Upper School students.
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